Stand: 1. März 2017

Werner Baumann (Vorsitzender) (Foto)

Werner Baumann

M. Arnold
Corporate Office

T.-P. Hausner

O. Maier1
Investor Relations

M. Preuss
Communications and Public Affairs

F. Rittgen
Mergers, Licencing & Acquisitions

R. Schwarz
Internal Audit

M. Vehreschild
Country & Functional Excellence

Johannes Dietsch (Finanzen) (Foto)

Johannes Dietsch

M. Baum
Risk Management

B.-P. Bier
Accounting & Taxes

V. Hahn
Regional Coordination

G. Harnier
Law, Patents & Compliance

D. Hartert
Business Services

P. Müller

G. Schildmeyer
Corporate Controlling

T. Udesen

Hartmut Klusik (Personal, Technologie & Nachhaltigkeit) (Foto)

Hartmut Klusik*
Personal, Technologie & Nachhaltigkeit

A. Günther
Human Resources & Organization

P.-G. Heiden
Corporate Quality

R. Heumann
Corporate Supply Chain

G. Hilken

A. Knors
Engineering & Technology

K. van Laak
Corporate Health, Safety & Sustainability

C. Pörtner
Corporate Technology & Manufacturing

Kemal Malik (Innovation) (Foto)

Kemal Malik

A. Bouchon
Bayer Lifescience Center

M. Lessl
Corporate Innovation and Research & Development

Dieter Weinand (Pharmaceuticals) (Foto)

Dieter Weinand

C. Brunn
Commercial Operations Americas

A. Busch
Drug Discovery

W. Carius
Product Supply

M. Devoy
Chief Medical Officer

R. Franzen
Commercial Operations EMEA2

S. Guth
Strategic Marketing

W. Jiang
Commercial Operations China & APAC3

R. LaCaze

J. Möller

H. Prinz
Commercial Operations Japan

J. Triana

Erica Mann (Consumer Health) (Foto)

Erica Mann
Consumer Health

N. Bartner
Commercial Operations North America

S. Davies
Division Operations

O. Mauroy-Bressier

J. Ohle
Commercial Operations International

J. O’Mullane
Innovation & Development

F. Reiff
Strategic Marketing

R. Spoor4
Product Supply

L. Yuen
Commercial Operations China

Liam Condon (Crop Science) (Foto)

Liam Condon
Crop Science

J. Applegate
Environmental Science

D. Backhaus
Product Supply

M. Dawkins
Post Merger Integration

M. Kremer
Crop Strategies & Portfolio Management

T. Menne
Digital Farming

B. Naaf
Business Affairs & Communications

A. Percy
Research & Development

M. Reichardt
Agricultural Commercial Operations

M. A. Schulz

F. Terhorst
Pre-Merger Planning

D. Ehle
Animal Health

* Arbeitsdirektor
1 ab 1.3.2017
2 Europa / Nahost / Afrika
3 Asien / Pazifik
4 bis 31.3.2017, ab 1.4.2017 J. Koelink